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DeLuca’s humble beginnings, from borrowing 1K from his buddy to prepare a single little Subway restaurant, has rapidly expanded to a multinational quick food giant now.
As of 2017, the series contains over 45,000 restaurants in 100 countries globally.
Since Subway keeps growing, it provides its clients an opportunity to take its TellSubway poll.

The poll is fast, around one moment, and provides all clients an opportunity to talk about their particular customer encounter so Subway can boost their shops for future visits.
To incentivize customers to choose the poll and provide them comments, Subway provides a free cookie available for taking the poll.

How To Take The TellSubway Survey

  • Create a purchase in a Subway Shop
  • Go online to TellSubway.com over 30 days following the date on your reception
  • In case your country Isn’t the US, then feel free to take the questionnaire using the Finland Website, or Malaysia website, or The UK website
  • Input the Restaurant amount you can find in the upper right hand corner of your reception into the poll homepage box
  • Begin poll, it Is Only Going to Have a moment to finish
  • When questionnaire is complete, write and save your poll code
  • Bring your poll code into a Subway shop to Get a free cookie on the next trip

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